About Clarion Clarion is a 4GL rapid application development (RAD) computer programming language that uses 'templates' to define the application. A computer programming novice can generate a relational database application literally within hours of opening the box. Clarion was originally designed and marketed by Topspeed Corporation; the company then sold the product to Softvelocity. Fomin Report Builder (FRB) One of the strongest challenges that every programmer faces is reports. Face it - the most important function of any database application is the ability for the user to extract information in a meaningful manner. Customer needs change, and while "hard coding" some reports (especially complex reports) makes sense, there is something to be said for your customers also being able to modify existing reports or create new ones on their own. For my money, FRB is the best tool for the job - period. I created a Windows help file for FRB several years ago to educate myself on how FRB worked. Oleg Fomin, the author of FRB, thought highly enough of my help file that he offered to distribute it with his product, to which I gladly accepted. Visit the Fomin Report Builder web site HERE  To download my FRB help file (.CHM file format) click HERE  [Updated: Nov 2015] Templates Click HERE for a Microsoft Excel *.CSV file of all the Clarion vendors/templates/tools that I know of. Resources Clarion Connections (Old) -  ClarionLive WIKI/Webinars -  ClarionMag Wiki - ClarionSharp Blog -  Par2 Repository -