Stealthware Software
Updated: 11 February, 2019


Stealthware Software’s purpose from its inception is simple: provide customers with easy to use Windows applications that don’t break the bank. We believe you should be permitted to “kick the tires” before spending your hard earned money - all of our software applications allow you to try them on YOUR computer, with YOUR data, to ensure they meet your needs. After you’ve purchased a Stealthware Software application the information you entered during the trial is still there for you to continue using forevermore.


Stealthware Software applications have been used around the globe since 1987. We evolved from MsDos 3.x to Windows 10 desktops and have managed data collections ranging from stamp collections to chemical warfare equipment sitting in forward deployed military bunkers. We possess over three decade’s of software development and we leverage our experience to develop software applications that both the computer novice and power user alike will benefit from.

What you will find here

Our current software application offerings lineup: Appointment Scheduling Classified Holdings Management Concealed Carry Weapon Class Management MP3 Collection Management Timecard Management Video Management We believe in promoting the software development tools that we use to bring you high quality computer applications. This long standing practice helps ensure these vendors can further development their toolkits, which ultimate benefits YOU!