There are a lot of software applications on the Internet that are incredibly useful that most computer users never know about. This page hopes to help rectify that problem. Miscellaneous Applications CD Wave Editor: Chop *.Wav files into smaller pieces DVD Profiler: The best way to keep track of your commercial DVD collection InBack: The easiest to use file backup program on the planet (and developed in Clarion!) Magic File Renamer: Rename files based upon an external text file with TONS of rules to manipulate the filename OrangeCD: After it catalogs your massive MP3 collection you can then upload detailed drilldown reports to the cloud Rightnote: Hands down the best PIM on the market; I use it to catalog 20+ years of programming tips (among other things) Start10:  Restore the Start Menu to Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Sumatra PDF Reader: Very lightweight PDF reader, minus the Adobe vulnerabilities Teracopy: Batch copy/move files with more comprehensive options than Windows provides File Manager Oriented Directory Opus:  An expensive, but ultra-powerful file manager FreeCommander: One of the few file managers that won't overwrite the contents of a destination folder during a move operation should the file(s) already exist; feature packed and FREE Total Commander: Best file manager; extensive list of plugins xPlorer2:  Great file manager that’s been around a long time and regularly updated Graphics/Web Design Oriented ACDsee: The fastest and most complete graphics image viewer program I've ever used EZgenerator: Excellent web site creation tool with hundreds of free templates included Retouch Pilot: Easy touch-ups of your photos SnagIt: Screen capture utility that also has great editing tools Xara Web Designer:  Used to create this web site! Uses an intuitive desktop publisher interface MP3 Oriented 1by1 MP3 Player: a directory-based player that is fast, resource friendly, does gapless playback, and less than 200Kb in size dbPowerAmp: convert audio files from different formats. Includes codecs for every possible audio file type Gom Media Player: a lightweight audio/video player that handles every imaginable file type JRiver Media Center: The best sounding MP3 cataloger on the planet. Also handles MP3 tagging needs Mediamonkey: Catalog/manage/play your entire MP3 collection, regardless of size Platinum Notes: Normalize the volume gain of your MP3 library Tag & Rename: Edit MP3 tags; template based file renaming Programming Oriented Help and Manual: use a word-processing styled interface to create .CHM help files and user manuals Setup Factory: create user-friendly software installation programs without scripting Text Editor Oriented Boxer Text Editor: Huge macro support, registration price is a bit steep though Notepad2: an extremely small free text editor; one of the few that can delete leading spaces