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Updated: 29 December, 2020

MERGETRAK (Move Subfolder Content to Parent Folder)

Purpose: Move subfolder files into the parent folder, then delete empty subfolders Biography: Moving subfolder contents into the parent folder is tedious at best. Popular file managers never include this often-needed feature. The very few script files and command line utilities (aka: REALLY old) do zero error checking and will allow you to not only overwrite file(s), but there is zero warning if you’re about to collapse a folder which contains hundreds (or thousands) of files. MergeTrak was designed from ground zero to help ensure you are moving the RIGHT data and incorporate safeguards to help prevent a catastopic error that could be disastrous for your data. Benefits: Primary benefits of this Windows software application: Works with popular Windows file managers (e.g. Total Commander, FreeCommander) Files renamed with incrementing prefix prior to movement to parent folder Configurable Yes/No confirmation window prior to any renaming/file movement action Configurable Yes/No confirmation window if total number of files exceeds a threshold Emptied folders automatically deleted once all files have been moved to the parent folder MergeTrak is DONORWARE - if you like it, please donate to add features! Notes: Significant software update notes: Version 1.3: Added configuration option to display/not display a popup message after the merge operation is done. Fixed bug in deleting emptied folders after files are moved to the parent folder. Version 1.2: Now uses one pass to rename + move files to parent folder Version 1.1: Now uses Windows API to update the directory table to move files Version 1.0: Initial release