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If the job title ‘Strategic Partnership Coordinator’ or InfraGard Coordinator means something to you then this software application is for you! Trying to use existing Personal Information Managers (PIM) is an exercise in futility - even small email distribution lists become maddeningly difficult to create/manage. Or, how about trying to maintain your DSS FIL list in a manner that enables you to send a PDF file to a DoD agency partner of companies in your shared AOR with active contracts? PhoneTrac is the “PIM on Steroids” that you need!  
Every customer-oriented business needs to manage customer appointments. Many ‘old school’ companies rely on expensive printed binders; others try using a spreadsheet or a whiteboard. ApptTrak was developed after a comprehensive search for a multi-user, network aware, non-cloud based Windows application couldn’t be found. ApptTrak also does something others don’t - allow you to schedule multiple appointments with the same start time AND be easy enough to use that even your most computer illiterate employee(s) can figure it out!  
Payroll - a necessary evil for nearly every type of business. Do you spend thousans of dollars on expensive multi-purpose kiosks for employees to clock-in/clock-out of work? Do you scour surplus stores to find an old timecard clock (and pray that it still works AND you can still buy the time cards)? TimeTrack is an extremely easy to use timecard program.  Written for a multi-lingual local cafe, TimeTrack’s proven interface and wealth of managerial functions ensure your payroll is accurate and your employees are confident they are paid for their time.  
Digital libraries have, for many people, become the favored method of reading one’s favorite books and magazines. They possess a LOT of advantages over paper counterparts - except when it comes to managing them on your hard drive. Most digital subscriptions don’t embed ISDN codes within the PDF file’s metadata. PDFTrak is the solution to the problem! You define the folder structure for your digital library - PDFTrak will use that folder layout to help you move your new .PDF files to where they belong (and help you identify duplicates).  PDFTrak also helps you quickly locate, and then read, any electronic book or magazine on your computer(s) - all with a minimum of keystrokes!  
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Like many ROIO collectors, the shift to digital downloads versus CDs was inevitable. Many of us have migrated to storing our collections on a hard drive - which creates a new challenge of managing tens of thousands of recordings. If you are tracking your collection with a spreadsheet (or worse, a spiral notebook) then MP3Trak is designed for you!  MP3Trak scans your hard drive and populates its database files with no fuss or muss. View your data in tree or list mode; the embedded query wizard and filters quickly show you the data you are trying to locate. Export your collection to paper, HTML or Excel!  
Are you a Firearms instructor managing your business using a spreadsheet (or worse, pen and paper)? Is your typewriter worn out from hand-typing DPS forms and student certificates? There is a MUCH better way! CCWTrac is YOUR cost-effective solution to generating professional certificates, DPS forms, management reports, identifying students due for their refresher training, ensuring you are compliant with DPS records management requirements and much, much more!  
Large cleared defense companies can afford uber-expensive software that requires dedicated SQL servers and a full-time Database Administrator to manage their classified holdings. Everyone else? You now have a better option! DocTrack is THE most cost- effective and intuitive classified holding management software application currently on the market today. It easily manages millions of classified holdings, from receipt to transmittal to destruction via a user interface so intuitive that anyone can learn within a few moments!  
Videos - we all have them. Our old-school DVD movies stored on bookcases within plastic clamshell cases has evolved into USB hard drives that are plugged into your Smart TV (or USB-enabled DVD player or xBox) that are chock-full of AVI/MP4/MKV files. And if you love Youtube (and who DOESN’T love Youtube?!?) then you likely have a stash of *.FLV files too! How do you keep track of your digital movie collection? Manually update a spreadsheet or word processing file? Is your collection as organized as it should be? Is it a pain to manage? VidTrak is the answer to your problem! Quickly scan your directory tree of movies with a mouse click!  
Collectors of Recordings of Independent Origin (ROIO) are a unique type of music fan.  They take a Type “A” approach to their music - who else wants to know exactly where a video was filmed within a venue, or how many generations down from the master recording is the copy sitting on their shelf? I wrote MusicTrac, in its original MsDos incarnation, in the 1990’s for personal use. It’s been updated literally two dozen times after being ported to Windows from MsDos to satisfy my personal needs - I think you will like it too!  
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